Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Inspirations- Electronics

This week's Sat Inspirations are all about electricity and repurposed electronic stuff.

I spotted this toothbrush holder in the March 2008 issue of Dwell magazine. It's part of a series of projects by Scott Amron called "Die Electric". The concept is about using less electricity in order to cause less harm to our environment. So these ideas suggest other uses for our electrical sockets! Check out more of these projects at

This one is from one of my favorite etsy shops: It's a suncatcher made from reurposed electronic lithography film. It looks great as a suncatcher, awesome reuse!

Here's a great kid's project by Tiffany Threadgould from RePlayGround: suncatchers made from old CDs! (I'm on a cool suncatcher kick today ; ) )

Going back to the theme of reducing our energy use- a co-worker at my freelance photoshop-editting job told me about this cool energy-saving site: It's a search engine that's powered by Google's Custom Search and it uses predominately black screens because that takes less energy than the usual predominately white screens used on regular Google and many other sites. That's a way of saving energy that I've never thought about before! If you read the "About Blackle" section on their site it also mentions having less windows open at a time as a way to save energy. Intriguing!

The Bent Fest is coming to NYC this April, always a good time. It's a huge festival of artist and musicians who build and rebuild their own electronic instruments using circuit bending.

Also, if you're into electronic music, Vector Zero and several other awesome innovative electronic musicians are playing tonight at 10pm at the BPM in Williamsburg. check out their myspace page:

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