Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DIY Mother's Day card!

Show some love to all the Mamas in your life!
This card was made from a mac n' cheese box! I made the pin from part of a plastic bag but you could also use sculpey, old buttons, or whatever you want!

First, cut out the front and back panels on your mac n' cheese box. Then put them together, blank sides facing out. Next measure lengthwise to find the middle and score it on both sides with an exacto blade. Next fold it and put a few pieces of double sided tape in between the two layers. Then you trim the sides a little to even it all out. I like to use a corner rounder to finish off the corners.

After the card was made I wrote my message leaving a blank space for the "<3" pin. Then I punched a couple holes in the space to make it easy to take the pin on and off the card.

Have lovely Mother's Day! (in advance ;))