Thursday, February 26, 2009

Atlantic Yards Petition

Even though I recently moved to Queens, I'd still hate to see the proposals for the Atlantic Yards go through. DDDB (develope don't destroy brooklyn) have sent out a new petition to Gov. Paterson opposing the idea of using stimulus package funds to give the Atlantic Yards a boost. They've gone way over on the budget all ready and changed the design and scale of the whole project since the public referendum.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spanish Word of the Day!

I'm trying to improve my Spanish skills so I can talk to my boyfriend's family, and we're hoping to take a trip to Peru, un dia! Sooo... I'm going to try doing a Spanish Word of the Day with my blog. Today's word is:

Viajar- to travel!

present tense
yo viajo
tu viajas
el/ella viaja
ellos/ellas viajan
nosotros viajamos

future tense
yo viajaré
tu viajarás
el/ella viajará
ellos/ellas viajarán
nosotros viajaremos

past tense
yo viajé
tu viajaste
el/ella viajó
ellos/ellas viajaron
nosotros viajamos

Nosotros viajaremos a Peru! : )

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Inspiration Saturday-Carol Cole's Paper Sculptures

I love these sculptures by Carol Cole. She makes them by embedding found objects in paper pulp! I find it interesting that she spent quite a bit of time studying history and anthropology, I think it really shows in her work. They're like modern relics. Find out more about Cole and her work here.