Monday, October 26, 2009

some new designs....

So here's a few of the latest pieces I've been working on....
I'm planning on holding a workshop demonstrating the barrette with the little circles sometime soon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Open Studios and craft workshops!

Kerrie Yeung and I participated in the A.G.A.S.T. Open Studios this year.

We just moved into our new studio space on Oct 1st, so we're still settling in. I get to share space with some amazing jewelers! Check out some of their work here:
Abbi Stern of Brooklyn Heavy Metal
Kerrie Yeung
Jackie Tse
and more!

Also, just a couple days ago I hosted a Free Craft Workshop in our studio. preppin' the plastic:

workshop time!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free Craft Workshop- Thurs Oct 22nd!

Come hang out in my studio this Thurs Oct 22nd for an evening of free crafting, pizza and wine! :) I'll be demonstrating a fun way to decorate old bangle bracelets with plastic bags!

Please RSVP at :)

Next up: Barrettes! Date to be announced...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Living Libraries

Interesting concept I just read about: "Living Libraries"
So they set up at a library, instead of signing out books you sign up to talk to different people about their beliefs ect. The idea is that it's a non-confrontational way to be able to ask questions and understand different points of view.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Free Craft Workshop Sunday Oct. 18th!

The A.G.A.S.T. Open Studios are this weekend all over Gowanus, so it's the perfect opportunity to check out tons of great art in the area! can swing by my studio on 10th street for a free craft workshop! I'll be demonstrating a fun technique using plastic bags to glam up some old second hand bangles. Get there early and you'll get to make one to take home! I will also probably have some cookies to offer. :)

P.S. The entrance to the building is almost in the Lowe's parking lot.

Awesome Japanese Craft Club Exhibition

Before and After, an exhibit for Ossu! Shugeibu is going on at Gallery Hanahou in NYC (611 Broadway Suite 730). How cute is the little birdie made from an umbrella??

Fred Tomaselli- Magical Surrealism

I just read a bit about this artist on Flavorwire: Fred Tomaselli. His psychadelic paintings are made by assembling all kinds of different objects. He's best known for assembling pills and herbs but more recently he's been making new works assembling "flowers, feathers, anatomical illustrations, and other ephemera..."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

BK Skillshare!

Yesterday I got the chance to check out the Brooklyn Skillshare. It was great! I got there in time to take the Fiber Arts Workshop and Natural Jewelry Casting Workshop, both very inspiring! They'll be holding more Skillshare events soon. :)

Jacqueline Schmidt of Screech Owl Designs taught the Fiber Arts workshop. It was a great introduction to knitting and she also showed examples of other techniques such as wet and dry felting, weaving ect. She makes a wide range of beautiful objects, knits, notecards just to name a few, check her out:

Timothy Gasbarro taught the Natural Jewelry Casting Workshop. This was a cool unusual technique, he pours natural objects such as beans, sand ect. into a can and casts the space around the objects. There's a lot more involved but thats the basic idea. The results are these beautiful abstract shapes. Check out the images on his website to see what I mean, especially images #18-21: