Thursday, November 15, 2007

A few of my jewelry pieces are on sale at including my Recycled NY Times Bag Bangle Bracelets

It's a cool site, great for Christmas presents! : )


Field Notes said...

Hey I really love what you're doing! I found out about your wonderful recycled plastic bags creations when I saw them just now on the front page of etsy. CLEVER!! Responsible!! I love it :)

I make handmade paper cards out of junk mail, colorful newspaper ad inserts, used office fliers, etc. I add organic lavender I grow in my backyard to the pulp and emboss leaves on the fronts.

Different coasts, same values.

I would love to send you a card.

~ recycledideas @ etsy

Steph said...

Hey Fieldnotes!

Thanks for the comment : ) I love your idea of recycled cards with plant matter in the mix, that's so cool! I'd love to have one of your cards. Would you like to do a trade? I'll send you a convo on etsy. My Mom's b-day is coming up and she'd absolutely love your cards. She's very into gardening, ect. take care! ~Steph