Monday, February 23, 2009

Spanish Word of the Day!

I'm trying to improve my Spanish skills so I can talk to my boyfriend's family, and we're hoping to take a trip to Peru, un dia! Sooo... I'm going to try doing a Spanish Word of the Day with my blog. Today's word is:

Viajar- to travel!

present tense
yo viajo
tu viajas
el/ella viaja
ellos/ellas viajan
nosotros viajamos

future tense
yo viajaré
tu viajarás
el/ella viajará
ellos/ellas viajarán
nosotros viajaremos

past tense
yo viajé
tu viajaste
el/ella viajó
ellos/ellas viajaron
nosotros viajamos

Nosotros viajaremos a Peru! : )


heather t said...

Love this!

Two years of high school Spanish and we never even touched on past or future tense. :/

Steph said...

yeah! I know what you mean, I've only taken one class so far, it's so limiting when you're having a conversation and can only speak in the present tense! I'm still working on it...