Sunday, October 11, 2009

BK Skillshare!

Yesterday I got the chance to check out the Brooklyn Skillshare. It was great! I got there in time to take the Fiber Arts Workshop and Natural Jewelry Casting Workshop, both very inspiring! They'll be holding more Skillshare events soon. :)

Jacqueline Schmidt of Screech Owl Designs taught the Fiber Arts workshop. It was a great introduction to knitting and she also showed examples of other techniques such as wet and dry felting, weaving ect. She makes a wide range of beautiful objects, knits, notecards just to name a few, check her out:

Timothy Gasbarro taught the Natural Jewelry Casting Workshop. This was a cool unusual technique, he pours natural objects such as beans, sand ect. into a can and casts the space around the objects. There's a lot more involved but thats the basic idea. The results are these beautiful abstract shapes. Check out the images on his website to see what I mean, especially images #18-21:

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