Thursday, February 14, 2008

DIY Friday- the Mac & Cheese Gift Box!

This week's Firday DIY is the Mac & Cheese Gift Box! I often make these boxes to send my earrings or bracelets to my customers on etsy. It's pretty quick and cute!

Here's most of the supplies you'll need: cutting mat, xacto knife, ruler, pencil. You'll also need doublesided tape or rubber cement, whichever you prefer.

The first thing you do is find the seam on the side of your mac & cheese box and carefully peel it apart.

Next use the scissors to cut straight down the second side of the box.

So here's what you've got:

Next measure the length of your box. Most Mac& Cheese boxes are 7" long.

Next you mark a line straight across at the 3.5" point. Score the line by very lightly dragging the xacto across it. The idea is to cut about 1/2 through the cardboard.

Then you cut at an angle slanting away from the closed part of your box, starting at the corner you just scored.

Next measure the height of the box. Measure and mark a line that distance away from the first line you scored. The newly marked line should be on the side towards the open end of the box.

Here's what your box looks like unfolded at this stage:

You'll need to slice off a triangle on each side next to where you cut the angle.

The tab gets taped down using the doublesided tape.

I like to use the permanent double sided tape because it isn't smelly like rubber cement.

Here's what your box looks like. But it won't stay closed! So here's what comes next.....

...Find an extra plastic bag or packaging in a color that goes with your box. cut off a few smallish pieces and dress up your box with some recycled "tissue paper"!

...and here's how you seal the deal...with a nice bow made from the plastic bag/packaging!


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