Saturday, February 2, 2008

Inspiration Saturday- Qubus Design

This week I ended up finding out about a lot of neat stuff that was all designed by this one little young company in Czechoslovakia. I remember from the article I flipped through in Clear Magazine that it's a tiny design firm of just 2 young guys. I don't know how they managed to amass such a huge and varied body of work with just 2 people! This post is my reactions to their work and comparing it to other art/design. Please feel free to comment. Here's their website:

These pink pants by Qubus remind me of the Safe Clothes line by Rebecca Turbow. The green jecket is part of her line which was inspired by uniforms that involve safety. The pink pants also remind me of this collection of "Crazy Japanese Inventions" that was made into a book. Check out the video, hee hee!

this dress (also by Qubus)reminds me of...

this! yum.

I like the crazy grassy top in this picture most of all because they also showed a cross-section pic so you can check out how it's constructed. It's zip ties! This also by Qubus.

This knitwear (Qubus) is pretty interesting. I like the textures and proportions.

This somewhat bizarre church interior was designed by Qubus. I don't like it. It looks very cold and unfriendly to me. I really dislike the fact that the chairs are pristine white. What do you think of it?

I love the blue floral print on these ceramic vessels that were cast from the bottom of soda bottles. They remind me of Lorena Barrezueta's work because she casts take out dishes and dresses them up with beautiful glazes.

juxtaposing low brow and high brow, garbage and art, I love it! I actually interviewed to be her intern once, she's hilarious and a very friendly, happy person. This is her website:

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