Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday Inspirations-Design Inspired by Nature

Saturday Inspirations- a day late! oops!

this week's inspirations are all designs that were inspired by nature.
If you haven't heard about it yet you have to check out this book:
Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired By Nature by Janine Benyus. Biomimicry is all about taking inspiration from the natural world, whether it's the form, function or a process. My favorite parts of this book are when Benyus outlines several projects she's worked on (as well as others' projects) that are great examples of taking a natural design or process and applying it to a design problem. You can check out some of those projects here.

The "With A Little Help of the Bees" vase was made by Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny for Droog. They constructed a vase-shaped hive, and the bees did the rest! It takes 40,000 bees one week to make one vase.

I first noticed the Solio universal solar powered chargers when I was working at Habana Outpost as an intern doing random stuff like researching eco products for them to sell. I like that the design integrates so well with the use. They're so pretty!

The Trabecula Bench by Freedom of Creation is a rapid-manufactured piece inspired by the bone structure of birds.

The "Silence" rug is by Permafrost and is made to mimic a snowy field with the tracks of a rabbit running through.

The Cibola pendant Lamp by Dominick Bromley, evokes the form of an onion!

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