Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Inspiration- Textile Designers with Cool Digs

I love decorating! but even more so I enjoy just thinking about decorating hahaha. I may have mentioned this before in this blog but I have a "cozy" little studio apt that I share with my boyfriend (who would never have bothered unpacking the moving boxes when we moved in 2 years ago if it wasn't for me ; ) ) So on rainy days like today when I'm working in the antique shop and no one's coming in, I tend to oogle cool decorating stuff online and in magazines quite a bit, it's decorating vicariously.

Lately I've read a couple features about the homes of textile designers and hey, textile designers have super fun houses! So check out these pics from the Metropolitan Home's Feb issue, they're of Rita Motta's house. Her brother designed the cool floating bedside lamp.

I couldn't get any large pics of this one but in the Mar issue of Readymade they also profiled a cool textile designer's house: Talla Wesley's. I love the wallpaper in this pic.

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