Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Inspiration

Lately I've been thinking it would be exciting to keep track of my inspirations and projects all in one place- this blog! So this is the first of my Saturday Inspiration blogs. It'll be a weekly wrap-up of interesting art, design, ect.

This week I was flipping through the Jan/Feb issue of ID and they're doing profiles of artists'/designers' studio spaces. I love textile design and toy design so I was really interested in Donna Wilson's work after seeing her studio space stuffed with handmade textiles and plush toys.

How awesome is the red and blue Canibdoll? so cute!

Ok, so I also have some fashion inspirations for this week, from designers Hussein Chalayan and Balenciaga. I love the strong structural shapes in Balenciaga's collection from the Paris Fashion week in Oct. And Hussein Chalayan is just awesome! He uses a combination of big concepts and experimental materials but still makes clothes that look great on people.

....and how bout that giant floral print mixed with super structural shapes on the Balenciaga line? Sa-weet!

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