Thursday, January 31, 2008

DIY Friday- Sweater Skirt Redo!

This is one way to make a pencil skirt out of an old sweater!

Here's what my old sweater looked like:

First thing you wanna do is chop off the collar. I tried to cut as straight across the shoulders as I could. This is going to become the waist.

Next, I measured a 1/2" and folded that over and pinned it,all the way around the top part that was just cut off.

After the whole waist was pinned, I turned the whole thing under one more time and sewed all the way around.
I set the stitch width at a wide zigzag because that allows the stitching to stretch without breaking.

Then I tried it on in order to figure out what to do next! I realized it would fit well if I chopped off 1 of the sleeves. I put it on inside out and pinned it so that it would fit.

Next I sewwed straight down next to the pins. I used a smaller zigzag stitch so it wouldn't stretch quite as much as the waist, but would still stretch without breaking. I'm sure it wouldn't make a huge difference if you use a straight stitch too. After sewing along the pins I cut off the sleeve.

This next part I wish I had taken better pictures of, but hopefully you'll get the idea. Feel free to ask me questions by the way!

So next I held up the skirt, right side out, and it had only one sleeve left. This sleeve would be made into the pocket. I tucked it in so the sleeve was hanging on the inside. I pinned the sleeve in place and sewwed around the edges of it so it would stay in place intsead of flopping around. I also sewwed straight across where I wanted the bottom of the pocket to be.

Then all that was left was chopping off the end of the sleeve that poking out from under the skirt.

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