Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Book Review- The Crafts Business Answer Book by Barbara Barbec

This book was the second one I got to in the huge stack of books I picked up at the Brooklyn Business Library a little bit ago. The cover was second cutest. haha ; )

By the way, this is THE book to get if you run a craft business! It's set up like an encyclopedia with all the terms you're wondering about in alphabetical order. Say you have a question about doing consignment, look in the c's, there's sections entitled "Consignment Agreement" and "Consignment Laws" ect. The format is so easy and I found out exact definitions of some technical accounting terms I had only "sorta kinda" known, or just had never even heard of. I'm definitely going to have to buy this one. Also, this one is the second edition which is 60% updated from the older version according to

I would recommend buying this one over Craft Inc., the book I reviewed last week, because this one has info you'll need at all stages of your business and it's just a more utilitarian book overall. It'll serve you well over several years. Craft Inc. is great if you're just beginning to think about going into business and need more general and inspirational advice, while The Crafts Business Answer book is getting down to the nitty gritty.

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