Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Inspirations- Recycling Tips

There's a few websites I keep finding myself referring to in order to figure out how to recycle stuff.

One really practical one is
They tell you how to recycle anything and everything!

One I just stumbled on today is This website is really fun, it's full of diy projects as well as a few recycling tips. Some of the tips I didn't get because they're British, any Brits wanna translate? They suggest using a bread bag to wrap your "sarnies" in? maybe it means sandwiches?? ; )

Some good recycling projects on the site include making seedling pots out of newspaper,

The afore mentioned 66 uses for a bread bag

They also have info about how to recycle stuff in the UK

I found this link on the Self-sufficientish site: This guy takes recycling plastic containers to a new level by using them as planters on a large scale.

Another great recycling website is Freecycle that's how I get a lot of the plastic bags I use to make my jewelry ect. You can post items you want to get rid of there and if someone wants it they'll pick it up. : )

Also ReadyMade Magazine is offering a free issue viewable online this month, so take advantage! There's a great recycling project for turning old plastic soda bottles into pendant lamps.

....and while checking out that ReadyMade issue I happened upon this site: Those Brits have got recycling down to an art!

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'Born Too Early' Knits said...

Yes Steph, 'sarnies' is our way of shortening Sandwiches. We all have some weird sayings don't we! That site is so clever, the ideas they have are inspiring.